Call of the Cougar! Fresh Fiction Review for Her Highland Hero!

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Lovely review at Fresh Fiction!

Her Highland Hero, June 2014
The Highlanders #6
by Terry Spear

Self Published
Featuring: Marcus McEwan; Lady Isobel
230 pages
ISBN: 1633110001
EAN: 9781633110007
Kindle: B00LENEGHU
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Fresh Fiction Review

“Full of heart-stopping action, sexy good guys, and strong women!”

Her Highland Hero
Terry Spear

Reviewed by Miranda Owen
Posted July 6, 2014

There are certain components in HER HIGHLAND HERO that are staples of just about any book by Terry Spear — the good guys are sweet, sexy and can handle a sword; the heroine is no pushover; and the action adds interest and is exciting but it never overbalances the romance. I also love that Isobel and Marcus discuss the dangers they face and make decisions together. There are some things that Isobel is physically unable to do because she was never trained as a warrior, but neither is she immature or a hindrance on the journey to Marcus’s castle. He admires her determination and heartiness and doesn’t talk down to her or patronize her.

Along with the sizzling romance, HER HIGHLAND HERO is full of treachery, conspiracies, and tons of bad guys to choose from. It’s fun trying to guess who the masterminds are and how the puzzle pieces fit into place. It’s nice seeing familiar faces from past books acting as helpers in Marcus and Isobel’s journey. I can’t wait to see what’s in store for familiar characters like Gunnolf and new characters like Sir Travon, and the mysterious Dwyer.

HER HIGHLAND HERO is exactly the kind of highlander book fans have come to expect from Terry Spear — full of heart- stopping action, sexy good guys, and strong women. I look forward to reading more books in this series!


I set His Wild Highland Lass aside to read later and revise some more. It really is good to let a story go for a while. It’s not due out until Feb. So I have time on it.

So I was tossing ideas around in my head of how to start The Viking’s Highland Lass and Call of the Cougar. One of my beta readers said I probably wouldn’t want to release another Highland novel that soon, so work on Call of the Cougar. In actuality, I will have to stop whatever project I get stared on in a couple of weeks to go to a conference, come home for a week, and off to another conference, at which time I will have to work solely on A Silver Wolf Christmas for a November deadline. So no matter what I work on now, it’s not going to be finished right away. Wrote 2500 of Call of the Cougar yesterday, and will be working more on it today. But if I get stuck, I’ll go back to Viking. 🙂

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I saw a note from someone on a loop who asked, “Is releasing a book in August bad for sales?”

Actually, anytime in summer can be bad because families are vacationing and busy doing other stuff. On the other hand, when I wasn’t juggling little ones, I loved to read on a plane. Or when I was at a cabin or hotel at night, read a book.

The same can be said of August or September. Kids are going back to school, money is tight for buying school supplies, new clothes for the kids, and if you have teen books coming out then, kids are too busy with their studies to read. Although I have just as many adult readers for my teen books. Or…releases are bad in November or December because of the holidays and everyone is buying gifts. Hmmm, books maybe??? I always get books for my kids and kids-in-laws. They ask for them! Then I’ve heard January is the worst for sales because no one has any money. And yet, everyone has new ereaders and gift certificates!  And I’ve heard that sales can be really good. 🙂

What do I do? When the book is ready, I publish it. Whether it sells a lot this month or next month, or three months from now is irrelevant. I’m working on the next book. And when that one comes out, maybe IT will hit the right month. The point is we never really know. And we’re in this for the long term. So if you’re reading my books and are looking forward to the next one, don’t worry about me releasing in only certain months to optimize sales! 🙂

When it’s done, it’s yours.

It’s kind of like submitting to an agent. EVERYONE said, don’t submit during a holiday. No agent will read your work. I found submitting during the holidays, not right on Thanksgiving or Christmas, but the weeks before were great times to submit. You know why? No one else was because EVERYONE said… yep. So everyone else didn’t submit. And mine were seen to right away. 🙂

But every book is special. Every release is special. It might not be well loved this month, or it might even take a year for readers to finally take notice. 🙂 We just have to write the next book. Don’t you agree?


Oh, and after showing off my Patriotic Patrick on Facebook, I had one order for him, and one for another bear! He is cute, isn’t he? He was featured in Teddy Bear Review Magazine some years back.

I had a question: Do I make the bear too? Not just the clothes?


Here is a naked bear that I also made and naked bunnies too!

Bunniesmohair2Copy of Mason1

Happy reading!!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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