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Happy 4th!!

We’re having a roast and watching a movie. Wanted to get Independence Day, but it isn’t out yet.

Baby’s First 4th of July


Yesterday disappeared.  Vanished. In a puff of smoke. You see, I was working on re-reading and proofing Cougar Undercover’s print version, and then I got a call for babysitting duty. But before that? I managed to revise, and upload the print version for review again. So it wasn’t a wasted day at all. Waiting for the final proof again.

I would have just killed off the undead today, helped save people, put orcs to rest, you know, all in a day’s work for an adventurer, hero type. But my daughter and SIL and granddaughter are coming over for lunch and a movie, and that will be lots of fun too!

That means I have to get a little ‘venturing in this morning…the challenges are getting harder. I’m warned not to leave the gates. I don’t have enough in my party. Learned that the hard way. Now I have enough in my party, but I don’t have enough experience. But I’m eager to right all the wrongs, sword and wands and bows in hand, and so let the battle begin.

Wait, where’d my healing potions go? My resurrect scrolls? My rejuvenation scrolls?

I’m told, run away, fast. They’re too much for you. But I battle on.

Never give up! Never surrender!

And once again, despite the odds, I win. Until the next battle.

BUT, I save often.

Off to play  before I play some more. I needed the break from writing. Tomorrow, it’s nose to the grindstone.

Have a great day!

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Happy Independence Day!

As a Girl Scout Troop Leader, I was surprised when I my troop didn’t know the meaning of the 4th of July. So we did a study unit on what it was all about.

Then years later when my son was in college, taking a first year American history class, the teacher was mentioning Independence Day and one girl raised her hand and said, “Cool that it happened on a holiday.”

This was foooor real. Really. Truly. Real.

I would have felt sorry for her had I been there, except that it’s really sad. Really. Seriously. What are we teaching our kids anyway?

Okay, so it’s also really, really funny. Too.

Hey, I don’t need to make up stories. It’s all just…out there.


Back to writing! What? You think I’m off to celebrate??

I am, when I write. 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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