A Way to Reach the Fae World & Impressionist Paintings–Photography Style

green fae world

Okay, so some might look at this and say eegads, that’s something I would have deleted from my camera. But wait! This is a really important picture.

You see, it was a totally cool tunnel of trees. We even saw a deer eating alongside the road. I tried to get a shot of it, but too late.  This was in Scotland on the way to our bed and breakfast. Loved it.

But what happened was we were almost sucked into the fae world. It’s true. One minute, we were in the human world, the next, we would have been hurdling into either the seelie or unseelie planes of existence.

So you see, this is not what you might think it is.

It’s beautiful. It transcends our day-to-day world.



Creek behind the bed and breakfast (640x480) (2)So here is a creek behind our bed and breakfast. It was beautiful. Reminded me of a hobbit home.

creek and old rock wall (640x480)

And the lovely rustic wall.

woods autumn Scotland (640x480)

And this is like an impressionist painting, photography style.

When I saw this, my first impression was it was really interesting, the fall colors, the birches bordering the creek, the way we get a glimpse beyond the foreground trees as to what’s beyond. I loved Scotland. It was awe-inspiring.

So see? Sometimes really clear shots are just boring. When something that’s not quite clear can be quite intriguing, don’t you think?

Okay, so I’ve been really busy setting up the Facebook party!


Here’s our lineup of authors!

For lovers of everything historical, Celtic, Highland, Scottish, Romance, HEA, this is for you!

Some of the prizes I’ll be giving away are: A Highland teddy bear that I make, 2 The Viking’s Highland Lass T-shirts (Gunnolf had to be part of the party), Highland print books, Highland ebooks!

Special guests will be featured:

6:30 Victoria Roberts
7:00 Nancy Lee Badger
7:30 Vonda Sinclair
8:00 Màiri Norris
8:30 Eliza Knight
9:00 Mary Elizabeth Wine
9:30 Debra Dier
10:00 Brooklyn Ann & Amanda Forester
10:30 Dawn Marie Hamilton
Willa Blair will drop in if she can!

I’m at 26,000 words on Call of the Cougar, so making some good headway.

IMG_6575 (503x640)

I’m working on a navy bear for an order, and just got a blue bear order, not sure on that one. Still looking for fur.

And so, it’s time to get to work!!!

bunny, dove, sparrow (562x640)

If it hadn’t been for the hose in the picture, but hey, it tells a story too–hot, hot, hot, and I’m out having to water before we’re on water restrictions, but bunny, sparrow and dove all together at the feeding “trough.” Isn’t that cute?

Okay, really off to write!

Have a great Tuesday!


Back to writing!

“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”


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2 thoughts on “A Way to Reach the Fae World & Impressionist Paintings–Photography Style

  1. Now I have a whole new perspective of my “oops” pictures. Instead of deleting I will try to build a story from them. Thanks, Terry

    • LOL, someone else said that too. She sooo wished she hadn’t deleted her blurry pictures. Can you tell I like making up stories? But then again, do you realize that these are always based on truth? Isn’t that what the movies say? LOL You’re very welcome, Tom! 🙂

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