Baby Cupid Loves Bears, Too

Cupid Baby and blue bears (515x640)

Okay, having fun with photos, and spent a lot of time working on bears yesterday, but it’s time to get back to work–

I’ve got another party to go to!!! I never was invited to so many parties in my life! Isn’t this fun! I’ll be there from 4:30-4:45 EST! Just a real quick drop in. Hopefully I won’t miss my time! But you can drop in anytime to win prizes all day long!

I’m also at one on Tuesday, and I’ll post that then.

Need to catch up on word count. Have to write 5,324 words to make my goal today of 40,000 and I will be halfway done with the book!

And water.

Sooo looking forward to a break in the heat.

sunflower dried cornfields (640x592)

Not that it’s coming anytime soon, but I’m writing about making snowman in A Silver Wolf Christmas, then have to go out and water in the 100+ heat. That shows how much of an imagination you have to have to be a writer when you’re writing about seasonal books out of season!

Katz Deli 011 (432x640)

Have a super Sunday!! I’m sure I have something important to do on Monday, but I have no idea what. Ever do that???  Oh, yeah, starting to teach my online Conflict! Conflict! Conflict! workshop.


Have a super great day!!

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