Christmas is Coming!

Oh, yeah, you say you’re not ready, and frankly, neither am I. But I’m revising A Silver Wolf Christmas, just got a bunch of Christmas questions to answer–for the blog tour for A Highland Wolf Christmas, and making teddy bears, many of which are for Christmas presents. So Christmas is on my mind–at least in a wolf and teddy bear way.

October 2014

October 2014

So I’m trying to come up with 15 answers to Christmas questions, and it’s 77 degrees out, reaching 95 and I feel more like working on Call of the Cougar where it’s summer in Colorado and hot. 🙂 <3

Three Wolves in the Snow

I’m also working on bears–had 9 in progress, then got the shipment for another bear fur that’s an order, so I started putting it together. It’s a tinsel town bear. Can’t wait to see how it turns out. And I got some other fur, one is the craziest looking fur, but it should be cute when I make it up. Can’t wait! I REALLY need to quit sleeping at night. Look at all the hours of the night I waste! I could get so much more done.

Did you see that clone movie where the clones did all your day work so you could just play? I need two clones.


A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Oct 2013

A SEAL Wolf Christmas, Oct 2013

Off to finish up these Christmas questions. They’re hard to answer.


But I’ll ask two of you: What is your favorite Christmas tradition?

What is the best holiday present you ever received?

Oh and speaking of Christmas, I’m giving away 5 audiobooks, as long as I have the books in audiobooks. This is in honor of the Box Set coming out on Sept 16th! Only a few more days and it will be in everyone’s hot little hands. 🙂



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20 thoughts on “Christmas is Coming!

  1. I would say opening a present on Christmas eve and I would say my sons first Christmas even if we spent most of Christmas eve night in the hospital cause he was sick, when we left at 3am it was snowing, it was a little dusting on every thing not enough to amount for anything it was still pretty he got to see it and have he’s first Christmas he was only 9 months old

    • Wow, so glad he got to go home and he had he’s first Christmas, with even a little snow. It’s amazing how many open a gift on Christmas Eve! One year, we opened all our presents on Christmas Eve, but it was such a letdown the next morning. 🙂

  2. Fave tradition- Midnight Mass with the whole family, then getting to open 1 [resent..the rest had to wait for morning…best present- my Dad paid off all my credit cards one year- AWESOME !

  3. One tradition is we open one gift on Christmas Eve, we chose from under the tree and we sing Christmas songs.
    The best gift? Having all my family together for Christmas since it doesn’t happen very often anymore.

    • We do that also, not the singing part, lol, but open a gift on Christmas Eve. 🙂 Mine was having my son and daughter and their spouses here for Christmas one year. It was the best Christmas ever. 🙂

  4. Every Christmas Eve my family still goes to my Mom’s house to be together,open presents and eat.Since I got married I have been in charge of making my Mom’s Jewish Coffee Cake and Portuguese sweet rice which we have every Christmas.My favorite gift is a really hard one,anything my kids have made for me I have loved and still have but every year from maybe the age of 13 until he passed away when I was 27 my Dad always saved up to buy his 3 girls something special just from him.He would try to get 3 the same but if one was a little different I would get it because as the youngest I always hung out with him & he knew I wouldn’t be offended if it wasn’t exactly the same.I have every one of these gifts,earrings,bracelet,charms and a ss Celtic Cross that I cherish.

  5. My favorite Christmas tradition is that Christmas Day is at my house with all my kids, their spouses, my grandkids & my bonus grandkids. I go all out for Christmas, It’s my favorite Holiday, I’m known by family and friends as a Christmas Elf!! LOL! As to the best Holiday gift…well that’s easy, A wedding proposal & Engagement ring from the man of my dreams….my soulmate..the love of my life. We had 33 blissful years together before cancer took him from me…..

    • Ahhh, Kathleen, that’s so cute about being the Christmas Elf. And what a wonderful way to remember the holidays, your wedding proposal and engagement ring. It was wonderful that you had so many lovely years together.

  6. Christmas tradition we talk about each family ornament on our tree including those ornaments in honor of those loved ones who are in Heaven. The best holiday present…that is easy it is my son Nathan. After ten years of marriage my son finally came into our lives on 11/25, so that Christmas he was exactly one month old. He was, is and always be the best gift from God ever.

    • Maria, that is so nice. I love your Christmas traditions. And my daughter was born the day after your son, and we had a Christmas party. With her bright red hair and wearing a bright red dress she was passed around to everyone to adore. That was the first night she slept through the night. LOL 🙂

  7. My favorite Christmas tradition is one that I started. My family has always decorated a lot for Christmas, but about 9 years ago I became very ill & couldn’t go outside to do the parts I loved or really anything else. My body was doing it’s best to die. It was very unsettling.
    The year before I had strung a crocheted twine across one end of the long living room to put the fragile ornaments on. My Mom & sister had me stay laying down on the couch so I could see & they strung crocheted twine across the entries to the room , down the short wall & over the window & T.V. & Veed out to the couch opposite the T.V. Then, they put every fragile, special & sparkly ornament we had on it.
    My sister, Joy, did the fans. We have ceiling fans in all the rooms, 2 in the living room. I had gotten the idea to take garland & hang it on the spokes. Then you put plastic ornaments in the center of each swag & the center of each spoke. It has to be wrapped & taped or when you turn the fan on the garland comes off. :} Joy decorated the fans in the living room, my room, dining room & several other main rooms. It’s awesome to watch the fans go when they’re decked out.
    A friend said it looks like Christmas throws up at our house; he helped.
    I laughed for the first time in nearly a year that Christmas. 9 years later, it doesn’t matter how I’ll I am, Christmas will ‘throw up’ because it helps me live. And I think that’s a great tradition.

    • Ahhh, Sabrina, that’s such a touching story and it’s great that your family helps to decorate in a tradition you started. That is a lovely tradition.Thanks for sharing!

  8. My favorite christmas tradition-my family sits around the christmas tree with hot cocoa and cookies and someone different each year reads the night before christmas. The best christmas present I ever recieved was a kitchen aid stand mixer.

    • Oooh, I love your Christmas tradition. Last year, we watched Christmas movies and opened a present. 🙂 But that’s really nice. I’m including you in the list of winners. Thanks!

  9. Goodness I’m not ready for Christmas but where I’m at it’s freezing during the night but warm during the day. To answer your questions my favorite Christmas tradition is setting up the Christmas tree with the whole family. The best gift received was a jewelry box that my family looked forever for that’s every woman in the family owns one. I just want to add on I just love terry spears books.

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