Morning Pictures–and the feel of the Paranormal

I “finished” writing A Silver Wolf Christmas, which means I’m still working on revisions, but it’s done! And so I worked on bears, still have about 20 to go but here is a picture of the 9 headless bears! They’re stuffed, and some of the arms and legs are closed. I’ll finish closing the seams on the legs and arms tonight, and sew up the heads. 🙂

headless bears 001 (640x434)

To go along with headless bears and the look of Halloween, the paranormal, etc., here is a picture of the full moon this morning!

full moon (640x524) copy

And if that wasn’t enough, my chewed up pistachio, but it’s kind of hard to show that the grasshoppers are devouring it.

chewed up pistachio 003 (427x640)

And a really cool picture of a spiderweb, perfect for that Halloween look.

spiderweb (640x427) (2)

And I started re-reading Call of the Cougar, so hopefully I can finish writing that in the next couple of weeks and edit it too.

Off to ship bears!

Have a super great, wait, got to get the garbage out Wednesday!


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