One More Bear to Complete! Changing out a Cover…

Steampunk Golden Bear-Sold!

Steampunk Golden Bear-Sold!

Steampunk Light Brown Bear-sold!

Steampunk Light Brown Bear


Steampunk Bears are done. I have one more bear to finish up. I’m waiting on the Davidson Clan Fabric still. They had to reship it from Scotland because it never came. 🙁

I’ve been up forever, but with the new cover for Kiss of the Vampire, I had to change out the cover and the manuscript for all the book seller sites, and I redid the ebook into print book form, spent all day yesterday doing that, had to make the cover for the print book form–spent all morning doing that, and working up an audiobook cover–not sure if I can change it out–waiting to hear back from ACX on that, and uploaded the print version. Waiting on proof on that now.

And that’s what happens when you change out a cover. 🙂 <3 While it’s in process and before I proof and approve it, it’s unavailable for sale in print. But, the ebook is now available at all the sites with the new cover.

Kiss of the Vampire

Kiss of the Vampire - Terry Spear

That’s my story, and I’m sticking to it.

New Cover

New Cover–Book 1

Upcoming Book 2

Upcoming Book 2

I’d asked the cover artist who had done a couple of other covers I loved if she could do a vampire teen cover. She wasn’t sure. So I asked the lady who has done my cougar covers, and then voila! I ended up with 3 I loved, hers, and the other two.

Soooo…what to do? Easy.

The Vampire…In My Dreams needed a new cover, and so this one was born.

New Cover

New Cover

And I needed a new cover for Kiss of the Vampire, but it worked out beautifully to pick up both covers to create the series. And now with a cover, maybe I’ll get to it. The sequel is started. And so is the sequel to The Vampire…In My Dreams.

Off to work on Phantom Fae. I need to put The Vampire…In My Dreams in print also. 🙂

Still working with my beta reader on Call of the Cougar. She works, so that’s the only reason this isn’t already done. 🙂

Have a super great Tuesday. Sheesh, where did Monday go???


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