Max Playing and Getting Behinder and Behinder…

Puppies are so cute. Max is a ball of fur and energy and bounces when he plays. I was teaching him how to lie down. That one is going to be hard to learn, I can see. He comes, listens up when I say his name, and sits, no hesitation. Down took forever the first 4 times and then after he mastered it each time, not exactly knowing why he was getting a treat after working so hard to get it out of my hand, and lots of praise for doing the job right, he only needed one prompt the 5th time to do it right.

This will definitely take a little longer, but he’s so eager to learn and so we’ll keep practicing until he can do it on command. 🙂 <3

In the meantime, I haven’t worked on Phantom Fae. *sigh* But that’s because, horror of horrors, I realized I hadn’t put out my newsletter for Call of the Cougar, I was waiting until my print version was available, then promptly forgot to do write my newsletter. So working on that this morning, AND, I’ll be reading and critiquing each of the Highland novellas for our anthology coming in Feb, Kissing the Highlander.

I just wrote my blurb and sent my story to another author. So it’s been gone to two so far.  And I’m critiquing one this morning, 2 more after that. 🙂

But it doesn’t mean I haven’t been thinking about Phantom Fae. I have the next scene in mind and I need to write it.

The fae party was fun yesterday!

And here is Max being Max.

Okay, that is a bouncy, fluffy Max playing toss with his chew stick.

Onward and upward. Off to finish reading over the novella waiting for more of my critiquing and to finish the newsletter. 🙂 And MAYBE I’ll find the time to write the scene today that is rattling around in my brain for Phantom Fae. 🙂

Have a super wonderful Sunday. Hope Max gives you a smile, and don’t you wish YOU had that much energy????

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4 thoughts on “Max Playing and Getting Behinder and Behinder…

  1. I could sure benefit from some of Max’s excess energy. Maybe I should have some of his brand of kibbles? lol

  2. i just can’t get over this video of Max! I’ve now watched it 3 times, and shared it with my sister. He’s so adorable. And he reminds me of when we got out Powderpuff Chinese crested. She looked just like Max!

    • LOL, thanks, Alicia. Yeah, he’s so cute. I think your Chinese crested doesn’t shed either, does she? I think that was one of the low/no shedding breeds I looked at. They’re adorable. 🙂 <3

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