The Full Moon and Havanese Playing with Ball

Woohoo, I added 2,000 words to Phantom Fae yesterday. Still way far behind. BUT, I don’t let that get me down. I figure I’ll catch up as I get into the story. Or finish later than I had planned.

The other night we had the most beautiful sunset when I took Max out. Unfortunately, by the time I went back in for my camera, it had faded and wasn’t as glorious, so I didn’t take a shot. Then, the next night, it was gloriously foggy. The neighbor’s night lights were shrouded in fog and I could imagine myself in London in the old days with the fog shrouding everything in a ghostly mist. I tried to take a shot of it, but it wouldn’t come out. Overhead, we also had a beautiful full moon. I did get a shot of it. Believe me, doing it while holding a puppy on a leash can be a trial.

Max and the ball 001 (640x427)

Max and his chewstick 001 (640x427) (2)

I know not to try to take a picture when my daughter’s corgi is on leash, he has such a strong pull. Max is so lightweight, I thought it would work. I finally got him to sit long enough to take the shot.

Last night, again, he was spooked by my shadow. I have to admit that it is very long and scary to a puppy. So I’m going to try and remember to take my camera with me tonight and capture The Shadow. 🙂 <3

He has such a bouncy step and his hair flows as he runs. My poodles had that bouncy step too. I had forgotten. My daughter’s corgi has more of a scamper or scurry. His legs are so short and his body so heavy, he can’t do anything bouncy. But he’s so smart. I love how he can do high 5s. I want to teach Max that a little later. He needs to learn how to lie down first. 🙂

And here he is playing with his ball.

Okay, I actually wrote some of Phantom Fae by hand, so off to type.

Have a lovely Monday!! Have to ship contest book wins today. 🙂

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