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I’m still formatting for Kissing the Highlander. When I received everyone’s novellas, the italics were stripped out, argh, and some of the authors have tons of italicized words. That, and trying to make everything uniform as far as front and back matter and section divisions, etc. If I do this again, hopefully, we can all be on the same page next time and I won’t have to do so much reformatting.

Phantom Fae

Phantom Fae has gone out to my first beta reader. And then after I make changes and read it over again, it will go out to another.

But what I really wanted to say was that I am here with a giveaway!!! Go to Reading Between the Wines, comment and enter for a chance to win A Highland Wolf Christmas!

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And now I’m off to get to work on the formatting again. Feeling anxious because the time is slipping away and I need to get started on the next SEAL wolf book due Mar 1. And I haven’t started it. I’m trying to come up with a great new opening scene to set the stage. Must have first meeting soon, show something of the world, a wolf sighting early, conflict, mystery, romance and adventure.

When I was reading books on writing, one author said to make sure you have that conflict right from the beginning. The bomb going off in the school, but not. Something that makes you want to read what happens next and next and next. Yet, you have to have character-driven plots for romance, not strictly plot-driven scenarios.

Okay, so I’m still pondering. But I need to get back to formatting Kissing the Highlander.

Have a super great Tuesday!!!

And be sure and drop by at Reading Between the Wines and enter to win!

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