Back to the Bears…

No, not bear shifters. But I’ve got to get ten bear orders out. Soooo, the last time I was making them, Max was about five months old, and really good about it. Did I mention that Max and Tanner are real lap puppies? Their breed is known for that.

But when I tried to have them on my lap, it didn’t work. When I sew, I have to use the pedal, and so I’m jarring the puppies up and down. And it makes it hard for me. There’s no room on my sewing chair to have one lie beside me. So I have to devise a better plan.

I put a towel on a chair and had them lying on it while I was sewing at the machine. Max is listening to the men working on putting screening on my roof fans that had none. But otherwise, he curled up with Tanner and was sleeping while I sewed up some of the bears.

The Sewing Room

The Sewing Room

Then the men needed to see me to show me where they fixed everything. And after that, I started stuffing bears. So I moved the chair to the “stuffing room,” so I could begin working on some of them while I caught up on emails.

The Stuffing Room

The Stuffing Room

Then I moved them to the couch where I jointed some of the bears. No picture of that, but sometimes they were lying on their bedding on the couch, and then sometimes Max would crawl back into my lap. Did I mention they were lap puppies?

No bears done, just a bunch in progress.

Off to write. I have to write 2500 words a day to get to where I need to be. 🙂 I was doing a lot of research yesterday, and finally decided that my heroine would be a forester. Nice wolfish occupation.

Have a great day!! It’s FOGGY here today.

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