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Everything is coated in ice and snow this morning. I have a protected entryway, but even so, I had snow up next to the door. We have a winter storm warning in effect until noon. Why didn’t I know that? I need to start checking out the weather report more often!!!20 mph winds and 13 degrees chill factor. And dummy me went out without a coat on, hurrying the puppies to do their thing. Max doesn’t like it when he can’t find the grass to go on. 🙂 Which is good, I suppose, as he doesn’t think he’s supposed to go on anything but grass.

I was supposed to take the puppies in for flu shots today (only because they’re being boarded later and they gave them shots when they were there the last time, but at 10 am. I’ll cancel and reschedule for when we have Texas weather again. 🙂

IMG_1348 (640x427) IMG_1349 (640x469)

Off to work on word count and bears!

Have a super great Thursday!

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