Are You a Multi-Tasker?


I am. Okay, today, I’ve got to start proofing the final copy of SEAL Wolf Hunting. Don’t you love this cover? Besides the guy, I LOVE the wolf. Since I write about wolves, as  in werewolves, but they’re so human and so wolf-like that it seems sacrilegious to call them werewolves–as in a horror version of them, I love to see a beautiful wolf on the cover taking up center stage too. Why? Because the man is not just a man, but a wolf. I love this time with the book–it’s nearly done–just checking to make sure there are no other mistakes, but there are so few, that it’s a time for me to have that one last read that’s more for pleasure than anything, before you get it!

So that’s one of my number one priorities. I also want to continue to work on bears. I finished two last night. I finished making a 3rd, but still need to embroider the paws. 🙂

Plum large bear (393x640)

Plum bear with plum faux suede paws, 19″

Purple Bear (557x640)

Purple Bear with faux suede paws, 10 1/2″


And I want to get my word count in on She-Wolf. 2500 words a day. I need to be at 8500 today. I’m at 7200 right now. So moving right along. Usually when I get in edits, I have to quit everything and concentrate on only the edits. Then I’m playing a horrible game of catch up. So I’m trying to work on my blogs, word count, then proofing, then bears so I don’t get behind on anything. 🙂

It’s kind of like playing an RPG, role-playing game. I’m playing Dragon Age: Inquisition for my break time at night once I have all my other stuff done. Yesterday, besides word count, I was critiquing 10 chapters of a critique partner’s book, and while I was playing the game, I was finishing up the bears. Now, I also have to constantly stop to take puppies out, to play with them, cuddle with them, train them, feed them. So I do have other stuff going on. But in the RPG–there’s always a decision to make. Do I concentrate on the Big Boss, the guy with all the strength that is really, really hard to kill, and then work on his minions after he’s dead? Or do I tackle everyone at once? Then once the little guys are dead, I can use all my strength against the big guy?

Well, oftentimes I’ll go after the big guy while the little guys are beating at me too. And when I’m working on my projects, often I’ll tackle the one that needs to be done first–just all day long for every day that it takes to get it done. Then my stack of things to do goes down a little before it goes up a lot again.

So this is kind of a new experiment for me. Working on all things–having a goal for each, and getting each of them done, and not just working on one big project. I think it’s working, so far, because I think when I do just one major thing, I tend to take breaks anyway, and I don’t get as much done. Time will tell.

I want to get half of the proof book done today, and the other half tomorrow. That’s my goal. I need to start sewing up the other bears–4 of them, so another goal. And word count on She-Wolf.

Other than that, that’s it! 🙂

When you have jobs to tackle, do you go after the tough ones first, or the little ones until you’re ready to tackle the big one? I do that with first line edits. The simple stuff first. Then I tackle the bigger issues. 🙂 When I see a page of issues, I want to reduce the number quickly. Then it doesn’t seem like so much.

Have a terrific Friday and hope all your issues are little ones. The Big Bosses can be a real chore to deal with.

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4 thoughts on “Are You a Multi-Tasker?

  1. My idea of multi-tasking would be pushing the shopping cart while trying to remember what was on the list that I left home without lol.

  2. Back in the day, I was quite the multi-tasker. I am an extremely organized person so it was just a natural thing to me. When you are taking care of a husband and raising four children, plus numerous pets, running the household, growing your own vegetables, canning, cooking, cleaning, laundry etc. well, you have to be, LOL!! Now I am more lay back. 🙂

    • Yes, so agree, Kathleen! I don’t know what went wrong…I think it was adding puppies to the mix. So now I have to be even more organized. LOL 🙂 Have fun being laid back!!!

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