Ack! Change!!!

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Okay, this morning I had to blog on Blogger, and so it was fine. Popped up like it was supposed to. No problem. Now, you have to remember I get up early. So I like things to be the way they always are. I confuse my puppies because I do things differently in the morning before I settle down to drink my green tea and work on blogs. But when I open up my browser, I want things to be the same as they always are. IE, I go to the WordPress blog like I normally do, and get to work on the blog. Today, it took me to a different page, and I thought I had clicked on the wrong link, so I started over. And the same thing happened.

At 5:30 a.m., I really don’t want to have to figure things out. I do that with writing a new book and proofing the other. But other than that, I really don’t want to have to think. Not about that. Yes, I have to think about what I’m going to write on the blogs too. That’s enough thinking for the day, don’t you think?

It’s like going into the grocery store and, wait, where did the bread aisle go? I’ve been known to get everything else but the thing I went in for because they moved the item and I can’t find it. There’s never a clerk to tell you where they hid it either. I know that it’s supposed to be a good marketing ploy. Well, guess what? I didn’t buy the bread, and went without for two weeks until I made it into town again. And so they lost a sale! Oh, sure, I’m certain I was the only one who didn’t buy bread because they had moved it–by the way, it’s not only the bread, but anything. I’ve done that several times. Or even gone to Walmart instead of the grocery store and given up looking for something because I couldn’t find it. Oh, dishwasher soap. I’m down to my last little packages. Got to get them next time I’m in town. But I’ll go to the grocery store because I know where it is there. Walmart? Clueless.

Now, the puppies have an eating routine. They are little eating machines. Only yesterday, they decided they wanted to eat earlier than I normally feed them. So alpha that I am (because I made the decision, so I’m still going to hold onto the alpha moniker), I fed them earlier. The problem with that? After their second meal of the day, they wanted a third, you know, for the real time of the day when they normally eat their second meal.

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How did my goal of working on different goals make out yesterday? I was over halfway done on proofing SEAL Wolf Hunting (I meant to read over 162 pages–the halfway point, I read 216), and 814 words over on word count on She-Wolf. Some might say I should just write my 2500 word goal and that 800 is bonus. But I won’t. It’s part of the 2500 word goal. It makes me feel better to know that I only have 1700 words left to go. It’s a psychological game. Did you know that? It really is. I tell myself, I’m at 9314. I need to get to 10,000 today. Not too shabby when my goal was 1,000 for Tuesday and the rest of the week 2500 words a day. Anyway, I don’t tell myself that I need 10,000 today. I tell myself I need 9500, and then wait a minute, my count is off. I only need less than 700 today???????

Even better! Okay, so I tell myself I need 500 words at a time of the 2500 word goal. I just need to reach that next 500. And then I’m over it and I just need to reach that next 500. What happens is that I’m really on a roll, like I was yesterday, and kept writing. But I kept thinking I needed to get to proofing the other book. So I had to stop and work on that. And then on that, I was like I needed 162 pages. But a fourth of the way to my goal, I was like maybe I could spread this out over 4 days instead of 2. Then I felt better. I could do that. But then I kept reading and I only found one error, disagreed with one change they made, and agreed with 2 changes they made and kept reading. And then I made the halfway point and wanted to keep going until it was getting so late, I figured it really was time to go to bed. The point is, yes, there is a point to my ramblings–if a goal seems too difficult to attain in the time allotted, spread out the goal over several days until it’s doable, BUT then do over what you planned to do. That way you’re making progress toward the end result at a faster rate and I don’t know, for me, it makes me feel good. I get behind on word count and I feel like a dark cloud is hanging over me.

On bears? I sewed up one of the sashes for a bear and wound bobbins. So I didn’t get started on the bears, but I still did some things necessary to working on them. Now that the bobbins are wound, I can jump right in to sew them once my word goal is met and I’ve finished proofing the book.

But you see, I had to listen to 15 mins of The  Trouble with Demons (YA) audiobook, to approve it. And I had to do other things yesterday too, so, all in all, a really good day.

700 words for She-Wolf. I can’t believe it. I think I’ll finish those, get my 10,000 and finish proofing SEAL. Then I can work on bears, and then get back to working on She-Wolf and start on my word count for tomorrow. See, if I get my word count done, I can actually take a break later in the week. 🙂 Or if I have other stuff that pops up, I won’t be behind.

There really is method to my madness. Really.

So do you get discombobulated when you’re hit with a change in your routine? Does it throw your whole day off, or can you deal with it and get back on track without too much trouble?

Do you ever leave the grocery store without the item you went in for because you couldn’t find it?

Have a super great day! Ice and snow this week, 70s for two days next week. 🙂

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