MacGregor Bear! Puppies’ Topknots! A Toad! Talk about Being Random!

MacGregor Clan Bear (640x551)

Three bears down, 7 to go. They’re all in process, like my current book.

I got up at 2 to take the puppies out. Tried the no leash trick. They had baths last night, so they didn’t sleep like they usually do. Tanner came right back to me. Max did, then ran off to explore some more. So I won’t do the no leash thing again. Not until Max is fully trained. Which is going to take a while.

Between days of ice and snow, workmen being out here, and then two days of pouring rain, my cupboards were bare. No treats for the puppies. No seed for the birds, and worst of all, no chocolate for me. Writers can’t live without chocolate! At least, not this one.

And I realized that it’s EASTER coming up! Which means Cadbury chocolate creme filled chocolate eggs. 🙂

puppies topknots (573x640)

Puppies and Topknots

Soooo I spent two hours running errands, shipping 3 bears, picking up stuff for my next readers convention, etc, and that meant that last night, I was behind on my word count. Partly because I was setting up another FB party to celebrate St Patty’s Day, and because I had given both puppies baths.

Now, I really did get my word count. I wrote the remaining 600 words by hand last night, and voila, at 2 am, I typed them out and yes!! I made it.

And look what we found when we went outside yesterday! Well, I found him. Max ran his nose right over him and didn’t see him.

Toad (640x427)toad up close (640x427)

And that’s all I have to say at 2 in the morning. Puppies are in their crate grumbling because I’m not coming back to bed. Well, Max is, just a little. They’re not barking. Usually Tanner will yip if I don’t come back, but he’s gone to sleep, which is the way it should be. Max gave up on me. I think.

I keep using up my internet time because of the cloud saving my stuff, so thought I’d post this during my “free” usage time. Since I was up anyway.

Have a super great day!!

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