Spring Rains…

Rain Soaked Puppies

Pear Blossoms Falling

rain soaked puppies (640x502) (2)

Rain-Soaked Puppies

Sharp Shinned Hawk

Sharp Shinned Hawk

A hawk hit my window, trying to catch a sparrow trying to catch a yellow jacket building a nest in the eaves while I was writing.

Unfortunately, the rain-soaked puppies were all curled up on my lap in towels and I couldn’t unload them fast enough to get my camera and get a shot of the hawk. He sat up on the roof for a moment as I looked at him and he looked at me. He appeared to be a different hawk than the one that was after my birds at the feeders last year, golden wings underneath, more golden outer feathers.

The one pictured was the one that I had last year. It might be the same hawk.

right sideview hawk

But the one I witnessed last night just looked lighter colored to me in the few glimpses I had of him than this one.

This is an interesting corner to observe wildlife. Doves court on the windowsill and my roadrunner would often sit there. I just never expected a hawk to come visiting in the front like that.

Okay, back to the business of writing. Still way behind on She-Wolf. Now remember, it’s due Jun 1, and hopefully today I’ll catch up and I’ll be halfway done with the book. My word count deadlines are meant to be WAY earlier than my actual deadlines. That’s because things happen, like having to stop to do edits on another book, taxes, life gets in the way. So my goal is it will be done in April before conferences intrude. 🙂

I’m already thinking of the next book too. I start doing that and so it’s sort of at the back of my mind, just trying to come up with scenarios for the book. With this one, I had NO synopsis. My editor just suggested the title, The Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing, and that’s it. Sold it, and what’s neat about that, is I can really just come up with a brand new story without any constraints. I love it.

That’s why I had so much fun with Hero of a Highland Wolf, just had an idea for a new wolf pack, and then tied it in with an “old” wolf pack, so I had some continuity.

Have a super great Thursday! Max gets his second group training tonight!

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