Happy St Patrick’s Day! And More Signs of Spring!

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Puppies and St Patrick's Day Wishes!

Puppies and St Patrick’s Day Wishes!

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Pear Blossoms

Pear Blossoms

5500 words behind, but we had puppy group training last night. Max was the smallest dog there among 3 german shepherds, another large dog and a blue tick healer.  He barked at one of the dogs at first, but then settled down and we had a really great session for our very first group session with dogs there! 🙂  We wound around other dogs and their owners, greeted other dogs and their owners, walked in formation behind other dogs and their owners. All an exercise to keep the dogs under control while not being distracted by other dogs. He did really good on the round about stuff, greeting other owners, but when we had to walk past the dogs and their owners, he was pulling away a bit into the grass to get away from them. Following them or leading them he was fine with. But it’s our first session, so he’s doing great. 🙂 <3

Off to whittle down some more of the mss.

Happy St Patrick’s Day!!

I’m wearing green. Are you? 🙂


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