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Max sleeping on Tanner's neck

Max sleeping on Tanner’s neck

I’m certain Tanner has eyes. I’ve seen them on occasion, but rarely. Yesterday I pulled his hair back, trying to get a picture of it. And by the way, I do try to brush out his whiskers, but he’s still JAWS when it comes to the brush getting near his nose. The hairs are unruly curls, but that makes Tanner, Tanner.

Okay, I’m BEHIND on word count on She-Wolf, but that’s because I spent ALL day yesterday working on taxes. Really, I need to be better organized. Then my daughter mentioned that if I had energy efficient improvements made to the house–like a new water heater and the windows, (which truly have been great–no ice on the INSIDE of windows), and that means finding all the receipts. In the future, I need to really be better organized.

🙂 <3 Okay, working some on word count, and then back to taxes!

Have a lovely tax-free Sunday!

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