A Kiss from a Wolf

No cover yet, but I’m excited to see that SEAL Wolf Diving for Trouble is a preorder now for Feb, 2016. It always makes the book more real! 🙂 <3


Here, Zoerro is giving Rory a kiss. Sabine tried to lick me, but I wasn’t ready for that. My puppies do too, but experts say that dog kisses are bacteria laden, so if your dog is licking your open wounds, you might see infections. Although I’ve read if they lick their own wounds, they can heal faster.


Zoerro giving Rory a Kiss

Zoerro giving Rory a Kiss

Working on guest posts for blog tour for July for SEAL Wolf Hunting!

Have a super great Thursday!


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4 thoughts on “A Kiss from a Wolf

  1. I’m not fond of dog kisses much either, but since it is their way of showing affection I try to tolerate some. One of mine is really a kisser, the other not so much. When they go right for my mouth, I try to avoid it and what’s funny is I worry that it hurts their feelings. I hope it is only my perception. lol

    • Tom, too funny, but I’m the same way. I feel I’ve rejected them. *sigh* But when I know what they eat, I can live with it. LOL 🙂

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