Volcano in New Mexico: Spattercone & Crater

Spattercone with window on the world

Volcanic Spattercone

spattercone (640x427)

Spattercone with window on the world

spattercone sign (640x427)

One of the college courses I took was geology and I LOVED it. I would have had a field day seeing sites like this. Well, I did anyway!

It’s amazing to me how long it took for plants to begin growing here, and how they could even now. These trees are filled with iron. So guess what?

Lightning is REALLY attracted to them.

Storms over the Crater

Storms over the Crater

We asked if it was safe to climb to the 8,300+ feet while all this was building. Oh, sure, the ticket seller said.

Well, we did it, even if it wasn’t safe. We were all huffing and puffing–not because we’re so out of shape, well, maybe a little bit, but a lot because of the elevation. Took me forever to find it, but our city has an elevation of 470 feet. So that’s a big jump for us. Yes, I know, blame it on the thin air.

Okay, took Tanner in to be neutered, and got a call from the Vet that he was doing fine, while I’m spending more quality time with Max, the older puppy. 🙂 And pulling bur weeds.

Just a caution of what NOT to do if you want to be a Master Gardner. Do NOT pour weed killer on weeds that also is a grass killer, if you hadn’t intended to kill the grass. Too.

Pulling them is best, but I have SOOOO many, it’s going to take forever. Working on it though.

And…we had a surprise visitor this morning. I was taking the puppies out with me to put out the trash and letting them go potty one last time. I got brave this time and let Max run on his own off-leash, without carrying him out to the mailbox. He was fine.

Until we both saw a skunk!!! Ack. And it was running for the crops and I was yelling at Max to come as he ran after the “doggy” to play. Thank the heavens he turned around and came straight back to me. I had the controller set to low, not enough time to move it to a higher setting, but he was an angel and never gave that other doggy another thought.

DISASTER averted.

Oh, and then when I took Max out this last time, I vowed every time I took him out I’d pull up more weeds, and a tiny frog hopped out of the grass where I was pulling the weed. He ran right into Max, who never noticed him, and hopped to the jasmine ground cover. Then another hopped down the sidewalk. Though I’m wondering if they’re baby toads. I have a toad that’s been in the same area. But they sure looked like baby frogs.

Okay, off to work. 🙂 Enough goofing off with the wildlife!

Oh, and Phantom Fae is now in print!!!

Phantom Fae



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