Volcanoes and Ice Caves–New Mexico

While we stayed at the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary, we took some day trips to areas around there. And one of the places was the ice cave and volcano. Fascinating! It’s amazing how 10’s of thousands of years have to pass before life can begin to grow, and it does.

Large bird's nest settled on lava rock and above ice cave

Large bird’s nest settled on lava rock and above ice cave

collapsed lava tube (640x427) (2)ice wall (640x427) ice cave (640x427)

They used to take chunks of ice out to preserve food. It’s 31 degrees down there always.

Okay, back to typing up notes. More on the volcano tomorrow. I was starting Bite of the Vampire on the trip to Wisconsin. Couldn’t write on the trip to New Mexico, driving. And I wrote a little on the new medieval Highland wolf book on my trip to Daytona Beach in Feb, but haven’t ever had the time to write up the notes on that one either. 🙂 So that’s what I’m doing today.


Next is working on blogs for the blog tour for SEAL Wolf Hunting coming in July.


Have a super Tuesday! I think I lost Monday somehow!


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