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kissing the highlander sale

We were excited to see all the great rankings for the anthology!


#2 in Romance, Historical
#1 in Fiction & Literature, Anthologies
#5 in romance
Lucky #13 overall

Barnes and Noble:



Barnes and Noble


ARe Books (All Romance ebooks)




Daughter and Son-in-Law got in at 1:30 this morning, but my puppies got me up early as usual. And the dogs are all barking at each other. They want to play with the other dogs, but since I don’t have a fenced-in yard, I can’t  handle all 4 of them at once. 🙂

So periodically, there are bouts of barking while I try to keep mine from barking. It’s mostly Rilo. He wants out. He was so cute last night. My puppies were keeping him from seeing him, and when they finally went to my daughter, he was so happy to greet me.  But after the initial barking, they greeted each other and were fine. I tried to take pictures, but I think most of them were blurs of dogs.

Even more fun than greeting the other dogs, which became old hat really quick was all the stuff they brought with them. Tanner thought wearing the measuring cup for Rilo and Luna’s food was the best fun.

Tanner wearing Rilo and Luna's food measuring cup

Tanner wearing Rilo and Luna’s food measuring cup

Luna is wondering why Tanner is wearing her measuring cup

Luna is wondering why Tanner is wearing her measuring cup

Well, it smells like yummy food and it’s new.

Gone to the Dogs!

Gone to the Dogs!

Have a super great day!!! I’m off to play with the dogs and visit with my daughter and son-in-law!


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2 thoughts on “Sales Rankings & Silly Puppies

  1. Impressive sales, congratulations! Looks like it’s a dog’s life at your house this weekend lol. Oh, and Happy Mother’s Day tomorrow.

  2. I feel like a dog keeper. LOL My daughter and SIL took me out to lunch, and we’re going to dinner and a movie later. But in between, they had to go to his sister’s wedding. So I am the dog sitter. Now, first time around, I took out my two dogs. They are puppies still and had to go out immediately. Then I took the kids’ dogs. Then I had to feed mine because it doesn’t matter if they have “cousin” company, they eat at this time. So I put them in separate rooms while Rilo and Luna looked on, wondering where their food was. They don’t eat until dinner for their second meal. Then I thought I’d be REALLY brave and take them all out at one time. I should have had a video of it. All the dogs were great, only it’s not like the way they show in the movies where the dogs walk ahead of the dog walker in a nice neat array. Picture 4 leashes wrapping around their legs and mine. But all in all, they did their business and we all survived. LOL Thanks for the Mother’s Day wishes!!! 🙂

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