I REALLY, REALLY Love the Rain, but…

Could you please spread it out a bit???

I’ve got water up to my foundation again, and my toilets are gurgling—the water is to the top of the septic tank.

Soooo, I LOVE the rain. I LOVE the greenery. I HATE droughts, but…could you please spread it out a bit–like over the 100 + temperatures in the summer when it all just evaporates, but my plants could really use a good soaking drink?

Isn’t that always the way though? Feast or famine.

As dry as it is in New Mexico, they were having rain showers too. But as you can see, some of the sky is clear, and some of it not. In one of the pictures, it shows snow on the tops of one of the mountains, but couldn’t find it. I loved the mosaics on their memorial signs. Would love them for my garden!

A field of purple wildflowers were in bloom. wildflowers (640x469) Beautiful.

storms, snow on mountains (640x427) Wildlife West Zoo (640x511) storms over mountains (640x427) view of mountains (640x427)purple wildflowers (640x427)

More later. I’ve been working from morning until bedtime, with puppy breaks in between, to finish edits on one book and another that need to be turned in by next weekend. I’m only on ch 3 again, on one of them, as I read through all the deletions and insertions, changed some back, made new changes, and started over again. Had to shut down because of storms last night, though it was nearly 11 pm. So guess that was okay!

Anyway, we saw Mexican gray wolves here, and I’ll share a couple of good shots of them later. 🙂

Have a lovely Sunday!!!


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