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We’re going to have way below normal temperatures for June? July, below temperatures, and August, we’re on the border of the temperature thingy.

So say meteorologists. If they were werewolves, they’d know the truth. But since they aren’t, I’ll forgive them. How can anyone predict the future? That far out?

How many times have you heard the World Health Organization say there’s going to be a pandemonium of flu-related deaths? To brace for the worst flu season of the century, and then it doesn’t come to fruition? Or that we haven’t had a big hurricane season, and this is the one, and then that year we have fewer than ever before?

rhino and vulture (640x427)

My friend and I went to the Cameron Park Zoo and saw the turkey vultures resting on top of the rhinos, hoping for a meal. She thought the rhinos were dead. I assured her they were not! Just sleeping. We had to stay there until the one twitched. 🙂 <3

One year, we had the worst drought ever, and ever, and ever. It was 110 degrees every day for weeks. UNBELIEVABLE. We couldn’t get a break. NO rain on the horizon. Predictions were we wouldn’t get rain until the next March. Oh, no, we’d never survive. We were on severe water restrictions. And then, in September, we began to get rainstorms. Thank God for lousy weather predictions!

Hippos Bathing (800x356)

These hippos were cooling off in a little mud hole at the Houston Zoo. Now, tell me honestly, does the mud bath make them look prettier?

So though I would LOVE to believe the predictions for a cooler summer for June and July, I’ll believe it when I see it. We’ve already had near 100 temps in March and April, and then with all the rain, that we didn’t get earlier, and got all at once in May, and so who really knows what’s coming???

I see….putting hand to brow and peering at the horizon over the cornfields….heat on the horizon, and lots of it. Why? Because that’s what we always have. Prove me wrong. I will love it!

Do you see the future?

Happy Memorial Day!!!


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2 thoughts on “Did You Know…

  1. Long range weather predicting (anything beyond the present moment) in Texas is always risky business. While it may not be good manners to complain about what we cannot change, I sure do enjoy doing that with the weather. Weather forecasters are ripe targets for one of the oldest recreations, but I would love to study meteorology. It fascinates me. Where is my “rountuit”?
    Critters of all kinds can sense weather changes even better than my rheumatism. lol
    I also hope we have a slow start to our usually hot and toasty summer.

    • Me too, and then in Sept, it’s hot anyway, and then it’ll begin cooling down at nights, so I’m all for it. 🙂 But yeah, here the weather is totally unpredictable and changes by the minute. We’ll have storms predicted that come in way earlier than they say, or disappear before they ever get here, or come later than they say. No telling, ever. One year, we went to Galveston. The tropical storm was supposed to move east. Right. It circled the area for days and flooded Houston horribly. So I hope we have a break this summer. 🙂

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