Sometimes Change Can Be Good!

Tanner and Max looking innocent

Max and Tanner posing for the picture.

I have to say that I was having trouble getting the new smart phone (just because it’s smart, doesn’t mean the owner is just as savvy) to take the picture. The puppies were amazingly good about sitting still for Mommy to try and try, then look up to see what she was doing wrong, then try again.  What really gets their attention is the little tunes it makes when it takes the picture. But I really was amazed to see the fur detail on the puppies without any kind of photo enhancement. And the colors were amazing. Max is white but has a little bit of tan on his back. Tanner is black with both tan paws and beard and white streaks on his “bangs” and his chest is white. Usually when I take a picture of them in the house with my canon, Max turns beige. So it really did a terrific job on color and detail.

Tanner and my shoe

This was taken after the puppies came in from the wet grass–where their noses have to plow through looking for the right spot.

This morning, Tanner got hold of one of my shoes after I took him outside. Note the determined “This is Mine” look on his fuzzy little face. Now, just to clarify, Tanner never chews on my shoes, he just loves to grab them up and then wants to play tug-of-war with them. I tell him to “Drop it,” “Leave it,” but sometimes the quickest way to relieve him of my shoe is to just pick him up and he drops it. So see? Sometimes Mommy is still smarter than puppy.

I’m not one of these folks who have to have an upgrade every time some new technology is out. So it’s been two years since my daughter convinced me I needed a smart phone instead of my flip phone, and it’s been wonderful. Didn’t take great pictures, but it was nice to have in a pinch. What was best was the Wifi so that when I was on trips, I could catch up on emails and FB. And I love that I can use Google maps because my daughter and SIL live in a new development, and my Megellan didn’t show their location.

Plus, it’s nice having everything in one device. And I probably would have had it until it up and died on me. I was perfectly content.

So I’m out with the ladies at the wolf center in New Mexico and one of my friends has a newer phone, and she shows me hers and the pictures it can take. Well, I’m sold. My has gone through 3 upgrades in 2 years, and I don’t use it enough to use half of the amount of time I could use on my phone, so I’m actually saving $33.00 a month on my service, and I received a notepad for free, and that was listed at $100, so in a year between my monthly bill savings and my new notepad, the upgrade phone and all the costs would be free. Plus the picture taking capability? Well worth it to me. And lots of fun. 🙂


So last night I was messing around with adding FB and my email and wanted to see about the pictures. The detail is amazing! Really excited because sometimes I just don’t have the camera with me, and yet I’d love to take a good picture. When I’m autographing books in stores now, I can just take a picture of them with my cell camera and not have to drag my camera around.

Sometimes change is the pits. It takes forever to learn everything. Sometimes, it’s so past time.

Have a great Sunday! I’ve been working on bears for 2 days, and neglected the book, so need to make up for it today. 🙂


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  1. I love gadgets, I think most guys do. And I love all the neat stuff that the new phones can do, but I might use one fourth of the features. Maybe. But they are so cool. lol

    • lol, they are! 🙂 I am having fun with it! I’m probably like you, but boy, I sure love the google maps on them. Really has helped me find my way places, most of the time! 🙂

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