My Computer Crashed!

tiger sticking tongue out (640x452)

And this is how I feel! Sticking tongue out at Dell for as many times as my computer has crashed for no apparent reason.

Just answering emails and such before I begin writing and  hoping I didn’t lose anything on The Billionaire in Wolf’s Clothing before it crashed. 🙁  I can’t tell because I had to open up on my laptop and my last autosave would be on my PC.

But it’s going to be a beautiful day anyway, just hoping my SIL can figure out how to fix it remotely tonight after he gets off work. Poor thing.

I have been making some major strides with the puppies. I’ve been taking them outside off leash. I have with Max, but started doing it with Tanner. No fenced in yard. I should say I have walls on two sides, but the rest of the yard is unfenced.

And I took down the fence that divides the family room so they’d stay with me in one part of the room and if they get up from a nap and begin to roam, I can take them out. So far, no accidents. It’s nice to get my house back to looking somewhat like it did before I brought the puppies home. 🙂 Tanner is sleeping where the fence used to be. Max is using the arm of the chair as a headrest. Both puppies do it. Doesn’t it look uncomfortable?

Picture was taken with phone. Amazing detail. Don’t you love Max’s coiffure? It looks like he had an attack with static electricity.

Have a super great day! Off to get my word count in! 🙂


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