Really, Mom, I’m Jogging…

Max: Mom, really, I’m just getting ready to jog. You can have the jogging board after me.

Max and the jogging board

Max and the jogging board

Max: Really, I had a super hard work out. You probably weren’t watching. But I must’ve run three miles, at least. I was chasing rabbits, birds, butterflies. Just give me a moment. I ran so hard, my legs collapsed out from underneath me. You can have the jogging board as soon as I can get back on my feet.

Max the Rug on the jogging board

Max the Rug on the jogging board

Tanner's Turn?

Tanner’s Turn?

Tanner: Max said it was my turn next. Can you tell him to move?

Thanks, Mom

Thanks, Mom

Tanner: Thanks, Mom, for making him move. We can share.

Mom: Somehow I managed to get my 3 miles in even when the puppies wanted to exercise too.

And that’s my story!

Finished another bear, need to take a picture of it today, and have one more left to finish. Made over word count on Taming the Wild Cougar, but behind on Billionaire. However, I decided I needed a new, more dramatic opening. Sometimes I have to write a while before I can “see” it.

Have a super great Sunday! 🙂 <3


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