USA TODAY Review! for SEAL Wolf Hunting and a FB Party Blooper!

I’m excited to share a review at USA Today for SEAL Wolf Hunting!!

Book 16

Book 16

I ran errands, had to do promo, and had to do chores all day yesterday, so no, I didn’t reach my goals. *sigh* Today, I’m going to have my nose to the grindstone all day and all weekend.

But I wanted to share this FB party blooper:

I have to say that only an author could do this. Or maybe, only THIS author could do this. I was sending, or trying to send, a fan a code for a free book after the party on Tuesday. I copy and pasted the link. ONLY, it didn’t really copy and paste THAT link.

It posted a research link: How to falsify a paternity DNA lab result.

Okay, so this has REALLY only to do with a story. Fictionalized. Nothing personal.

So I hope that if I ever send you a link, it’s the right one. lol

I’m off to write, and I hope to get a lot further than I have for the last three days.

Cute Lizard

Cute Lizard at Milwaukee Zoo

Have a super great day!


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