The Story is What’s Fun…in Photography or Otherwise

We live out in the country, only 7 houses on about 2 miles stretch of road, and all around us are cornfields or wheat fields. Everyone has the usual kind of house, the usual yards, the usual everything…except for one.

Here’s the story. A man owned it and his wife died of cancer. He was grief-stricken and was riding one of his horses one day, was drunk, fell, and got caught somehow and was dragged to his death. It was days before anyone discovered his body.

We were told the grown kids moved in. And then the house was no longer like everyone elses. At first, I didn’t notice. And then one day, I saw trash piled up all over the front porch, the yard, the garage was filled with it. Despite that the house was way back off the road, it had become a hoarder’s house and was truly an eyesore.

Just the other day, I see a trailer filled with trash, and a small stuff mover, not sure what to call it, but it would lift all kinds of stuff, only it was mini-sized, most likely a rental. And I figured that the hoarders had left and someone was trying to clean out the house. Again, I drove by, and the trailer was gone, the occupants gone, the front door wide open, the garage door damaged and cocked, remaining up as much as it could be. And I wondered what happened?

Had they not paid their taxes? Gotten evicted? Someone reported them as a health hazard who lives next door to them? They died? What? And why would the whole place be left open like that? To air it out because they had died inside? I wish I had gotten pictures just for posterity sake, but I didn’t feel safe about doing something like that.

So I wonder what had happened. Some time I’ll ask my next door neighbor. He’s from Texas. He always has a story.

But here are a couple of pictures of my puppies that tell a story.

puppies playing (360x640) Here the puppies are playing. They have no clue I even exist. But as soon as I get my phone ready to take a picture, Max’s attention switches to me. Then Tanner has to see what Momma is up to. And as you can see, Tanner’s tail is a blur as he wags it at light speed. Do you know what happens next?

tanner turning (360x640)

Forget playing with each other, Mommy’s stopped working on her stories and now she’s going to play with us!

Do you ever take pictures that tell a story?

I’m off to work on edits and writing and exercise. Yesterday, not only did I get my word count goal in and editing of 6 chapters of the other book, I walked over 7 miles, AND I managed to take pictures! And that makes it the best of days ever.

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“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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  1. Good Sunday Terry Terrific 5 Stars. I am exited to get the book and start reading…. living out of the country, is very peaceful I cannot see one single house, there are 2 about 1/3 of a mile one is from the family we bought ours that is closer to her parents. in the winter to my right can see one after the trees are bare… I have to go out in the township road to see other. home is at the end of the road, Ranch style…. it came with 5 acres in a mix of trees and lawn,for the last 8 we have 45 acres some rented and instead of saying trees , we have a small forest ….

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