Fun with Photographing Cardinals

cardinals 069 (640x427)female on chair mohawk (640x427)female on basket below peanuts (640x427)

The female was sitting on the seed plate, the sunflower seeds all gone. But she was sitting there as if waiting for me to bring out the seeds.

female at feeder (640x427)female on seed plate (640x427)

Then she went to the feeder.

To the chair.

Then discovered the new suet/peanut/sunflower seed feeder overhead. She was up there and gone so fast, I was only able to get one shot that wasn’t really clear. She hasn’t been back since, at least while I’ve been watching. The male was looking for the seeds on the patio. I put those down there for some of the birds that like to eat them off the patio. The other feeders, the finch one is empty because I don’t have any finches. And so none of the birds ate the seeds. I finally poured it out for them. The one below that similarly can remain filled for months and not be touched. So the like the simple plate with the seed on it. The reason it’s broken? The wild cat that roams the area knocked the table over and broke that and a decorative planter I had sitting on there. 🙁

And that’s my fun with photographing cardinals.

Back to writing…

Have a super day!


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4 thoughts on “Fun with Photographing Cardinals

    • Omigosh, that is so much fun! I would love to see your mom’s quails. Years ago I embroidered a picture of quails, love them, but nothing like around here. Thanks! It was amazing that she was so close to the window for once and when she saw me, she didn’t just fly off. She landed on the metal basket above, but I didn’t have time to focus before she was gone.

  1. I love the pictures. Cardinals are so pretty. It always amazes me how much they eat. It really contradicts the phrase “eats like a bird.”

    • Thanks, Bonnie! lol, yes. And I have some pictures of fat little robins that would seem to support the theory that they eat a lot more than they should sometimes. lol 🙂

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