The End! And Last Sunflowers of the Season

Taming the Wild Cougar WEB 05082015

Taming the Wild Cougar is done! And with beta readers. 🙂 I always love it when that happens! Normally, I’d want to publish it soon. But this time I have it on preorder. I also need to work on the print copy.

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Cougar shifter, Dr. Kate Parker, is planning her annual camping vacation alone this year. She runs into trouble before she even starts her trip in the form of one wounded, hot cougar undercover cop—or so he says. He’s not going along with just her tender loving care because he came into town as a cougar, and he needs her help to get him back to where he can take up the search to look for an arms dealer, who just happens to be a cougar too.

Leyton Hill slipped into the unlocked, darkened clinic, figuring his luck had just changed. Except he doesn’t plan for the good doctor to be napping in her office. Taking him on her vacation wasn’t in the plan, and taking her hostage, hadn’t been either, but now she’s stuck with him until he can get back to his mission and the chase at hand. It appears the roles have reversed and who’s holding whom hostage now?

So I’ve been working on 4 bear orders for the last two days and working on them. 🙂 Still have a long ways to go. And I’ve got to jump on Covert Cougar Christmas next. It’s a novella, started it last night, didn’t like the idea and so starting over. It’s part of an anthology Alpha’s Unwrapped and my character didn’t sound alpha enough, so need to rethink how I begin it.

Covert Cougar Christmas

Available Oct 20, 2015, but get your reduced price of 99 cents now. It will be $4.99 the week after release. I’ll post more links here once they have the preorder links available. 🙂 <3

I can’t get my laptop to work as far as the Internet goes. Not sure what the trouble is, but it’s frustrating. So I can’t continue to upload anything to iBooks.

sunflower bending (279x640) sunflower ragged (360x640) sunflowers end of the season (360x640)

Sunflowers at the end of the season. Crops cut down. Heat wave in the area. 106 today, 105 tomorrow and then it’s dropping down to 102 for a while. Heat warnings every day. No rain in sight forever. It’s time for a trip somewhere…like to Alaska! I went north to see my son and it was 93 there! When it was 93 down here. Something isn’t right! In Minnesota, they’ve been having our low of 76. I’m on my way!

Have a super great day!!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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