That’s So Random, Mom

No, I didn’t say that to my mom. My daughter used to say that to me.

Yes, that’s me. Totally random.

Here are today’s random thoughts.

A beautiful sunrise!

Sunrise in Texas

Sunrise in Texas

A Peacock Bear!

Working on bear orders, but was too excited and wanted to make this up.

Peacock Bear in early morning light

Peacock Bear in early morning light

Peacock Bear next to peacock boxes

Peacock Bear next to peacock boxes

And for more cool randomness, how’s this?

Ever look for a plastic container and its lid? That’s what I was doing this morning, after taking care of the puppies, the garbage, taking pictures of the sunrise and peacock bear, next, it was time for breakfast. That means cottage cheese, pineapple and a cherry on top. But I needed to put the pineapple slices from the newly opened can into a plastic container. (I’ve read where it’s bad for you if you leave the opened item in a can in the fridge.)  So I have one that is perfect. Actually a round glass one, but I have it in the dishwasher. So I open the cabinet WAY above the fridge that I can’t reach even with a stepping stool, and finally managed to pull down an assortment of plastic containers. Many are my parents’. Lids, no containers. Containers, no lids. Two were mine with lids. One is huge and I used it even though it’s so big. And the other too small.

It’s time to get rid of some plastic containers. I don’t just throw them in the trash though. Someone might be able to use lids for something else, or the containers, painting, water dishes for a pet.

The other day I was watering. And I had chased fire ants out of their home. I didn’t realize it, but they were in a long winding trail on the patio. And when I got inside, one was stinging me, biting away, angry. They really hurt. So I was looking for something to put on it. Found a spray for bug bites, squirted it out and yuck! It was icky brown in color.

That led to me looking all over for bug bite spray, finally used rubbing alcohol. But it meant I also have tons of old stuff that needs to be thrown out!!! So sometimes I guess the expiration date does mean something! Though, I don’t think they had any expiration date on the can. Probably too many hundreds of years old. lol

Oh, and no, I didn’t leave the fire ants alone. I’m afraid to use fire ant killer anywhere that my puppies are nosing around. So I boiled water over and over and over again, and believe me, that kills the ants. I read where you can take a scoop of fire ants from one mound and put them on another, and they will kill each other. Right. Like I want to move an angry lot of fire ants from one mound to another without getting myself bitten to death. I have no idea where they’re located. I haven’t seen any mounds, except for a small one by the mailbox.

So is that random enough???

Now I’m done with my random musings and off to write!

Does anyone ever accuse you of switching subjects without warning and say, “That’s so random?”


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  1. I keep a spray bottle of Bactine on hand to use quickly if I get a itching or stinging type bug bite. Works on abrasion type boo boos as well. It has something in it that helps numb the wound. My grandmother used it on me as a kid. Now my grand kids call it Mimi’s Magic Spray cause it doesn’t sting.

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