New Cover Reveal!!!

So many other things are going on, like usual, I totally forgot to share the cover for the new release coming Feb 2016!!!

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep

Don’t you guys all wish you had those abs? And, ladies, don’t you also? If he was yours, I mean, of course. lol 🙂

My dad used to say, “Yeah, but when they get older, those muscles all turn to flab.”

I’m nearly halfway done on Covert Cougar Christmas!

Then I need to get cracking on the jaguar Christmas story!!

Back to writing!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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4 thoughts on “New Cover Reveal!!!

  1. Wow! Another beautiful cover. They really do a great job.
    I agree with your dad. I refused to see The latest Mission Impossible because Cruz may take off his shirt again. The last one grossed me out with his flapping skin hanging from his rib cage. I told my boyfriend I prefered his buda belly over that any day.
    But abs are so nice when the skin is stretched over them nice and tight 🙂

  2. lol!!!! Too funny. I really want to see the Mission Impossible. Too funny about him taking his shirt off. It reminds me of Galaxy Quest, take off on Star Trek where Cpt Kirk was always taking his shirt off. So one of the main cast members in Galaxy Quest complains as the Cpt is fighting a real bad monster for real and he tosses his shirt, “He always has to take his shirt off.”

    Sometimes shirts make the man lots sexier.

  3. The idea that we are much better off left to wonder about some things certainly is true today. People seem to have the notion that if you don’t like their “less than firm” whatever, then do not look. It does not bother me though, I just see it as free entertainment.
    Terry, I really enjoy your Dad’s humor, it makes me sorry I did not know him. I keep hoping that age will cause all my flab to turn to muscle. I’m still waiting. lolol

  4. I so agree!!! My dad was such a character. He was so funny. One day, he was shirtless while working on the yard. I think my daughter was about 12 and we arrived to see him that way. My daughter said, “Granddad, put on your shirt!” He was really in great shape for someone his age, but he had a chest full of gray hair. lol Both of them were hilarious. 🙂 <3

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