Sometimes the Amateur Photographer Looks Like a Clown but Gets it Right, Anyway…

Yellow, Yellow Butterfly!

Yellow, Yellow Butterfly!

I took the puppies out and naturally, I see a beautiful butterfly and I’m sure it’s a monarch, but it disappears. It’s really rare to see one, so I was disappointed I’d missed it.

So when I’m trying to corral the puppies to bring them inside, I see this beautiful gorgeous yellow, yellow butterfly. I’ve never seen her before in my gardens. So I rush inside, get my camera with the macro lenses, and the tripod, and chase the butterfly all over the garden.

Poor butterfly.

But I’m determined to get a shot. I never managed to use the tripod. The butterfly moved every time. Sooooo, I held the camera on the tripod and took the hand-held shots. I couldn’t get any closer than this either.

And….wouldn’t you know, there were crunchy leaves all over the patio, so I’m trying to watch the butterfly and miss crunching on the leaves, which didn’t matter anyway. I’m sure the poor thing saw this hulking human predator anyway, so it really didn’t matter.

Even so, I got her. Isn’t she just beautiful? My Facebook fans tell me she’s a tiger swallowtail!

She made my day!

Have a great day!


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4 thoughts on “Sometimes the Amateur Photographer Looks Like a Clown but Gets it Right, Anyway…

  1. I am still working to be an amateur photographer, currently still a member of the click and grin club. Or is that click and frown? But hey, I got the clown part down!
    I think your butterflies are prettier than the ones at my house, I’m jealous. lol

    Maybe my dogs and cats frighten them away.

    • lol, Tom. I hurt my back the other day lifting one of the pups, so I really shouldn’t have been running around like a crazy person to capture the butterfly. But I JUST had to! I’ve never seen one here before ever. My pears attract another kind of butterfly, and the flowers on the variegated ligustrum two kinds. But I was really excited to see this one and I was certain I saw a monarch, but by the time I got the puppies in the house and grabbed the camera, I couldn’t find him. I think the watering has helped too. I wondered if the big yellow leaves made him think of his own kind too and he or she was looking for a mate.

      The clown part is why I write funny. That’s me. When I was in an aerobics class with a group of women, I was always facing the wrong way, and laughing. The instructor didn’t like it because I wasn’t being serious. But I thought it was hilarious. Life is too short not to grin and bear it. lol

      And thankfully, my neighbors weren’t around to see me. 🙂

      I was looking at a picture of me holding my camera in Scotland and realized I had the G-10 Powershot, not a really powerful camera for taking long distance shots, so I was thrilled that it did so well. As long as you’re having fun, that’s the main thing!

      • I bet that aerobics instructor would tell you (without so much as a smile, by the way) that if those back muscles were better trained they could more easily tote the dogs around. And you would think to yourself, “I know that, you dummy.”

        My gym instructor seems to have accepted the fact that I am going to call attention to the humorous parts of our workouts, and everything else too. I appreciate that it takes serious dedication to accomplish what some (most?) gym rats/body builders/fitness models, or whomever, have done. But that ain’t my goal. Really now. Anyway, most of the fun is directed at myself, so their thinking must be that I am going to accuse them of not getting me farther toward whatever that goal is?

        We had a pear tree when I was a youngun growing up and I remember how it attracted butterflies. And also what a mess those pears made when the over ripe ones fell and fermented. I think that’s the right word, I always thought the butterflies must get a little tipsy from them? lol

  2. Life is too short not to have fun with it, Tom. 🙂 I only lasted the one day–just a trial to see if any of us liked it. I decided that I didn’t have time to learn which way to move, get it right, and be serious about it. I don’t mind exercising if I can enjoy it. Yes! The butterflies and the yellow jackets both get drunk on the fermenting pears. And they are messy. I’ve had one fall so far, but that will be the next thing. They’re messy, but I love the butterflies. And the bunnies love the pears too. Hmm, I wonder if they get tipsy too? lol

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