Koi, They’re Everywhere…They’re Everywhere!

On final read through of Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply, but I was on my laptop settled down to do the read, cold, rainy, and I was taking a break and found pictures of koi at the Houston gardens and wanted to share.

koi houston gardens (640x480) (2)

Japanese Gardens, Houston

koi Hawaii (640x480)


beautiful koi and bubbles(800x533) (2)

Cameron Park Zoo

And another. Koi in Hawaii (daughter honeymooned there)And at the Cameron Park Zoo in Waco. I love how the bubbles were caught in the picture along with the fall colors and bits of blue sky in the Cameron Park Zoo photo.
And at the Omaha Zoo, just oodles of them. I know, schools, but also oodles.

Koi tons of them Omaha (640x427)

Omaha Zoo

Koi Omaha (640x427)

Flamingo and Koi, Wisconsin

Flamingo and Koi, Wisconsin

Okay, still giving out prizes and back to reading Alpha so I can turn it in! And get back to Viking! 🙂 <3

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply (487x800)

Have a super Sunday!


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