Stop Biting!

Okay, normally, I think of myself as pretty observant. But not while I was buying my dog food. The clerk was ringing me up, then suddenly said, “Stop biting!”

I looked over at her, to see what was biting her because as far as I knew, she and I were the only two people there, and saw the cute little parrot on her arm. He’s 7 mos old and $750. Just adorable. But I’m sticking to my puppies. She said he’s very noisy!

The sun parakeet or sun conure (Aratinga solstitialis) is a medium-sized brightly colored parrot native to northeastern South America.

parrot baby 7 mos (413x640)parrot baby (432x640)

This is my kind of bird. Wild, can fend for itself, and highly entertaining too. 🙂  This is a dove in my gardens.

dove 003 (640x340)

It’s raining, it’s pouring, and so the saga continues!

Alpha Wolf Need Not Apply is back with my editors, pitched my next 3 books, and I’m off to work on Viking again.

Have a super great Monday!


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