A Golden Bird and Tree that Aren’t Really Golden at All

A Golden Bird

A Golden Bird

Because of the way the sunlight was reflecting off the variegated privet, it looked golden, as did the bird that appeared to be busily getting twigs to build a nest. I think she is a mockingbird. I didn’t want to draw closer because I knew I’d scare her off, and she was fascinating the way she was working on twigs, twisting around, bending down, and watching for danger.  She might be a he, what do I know?privet spring 2013 (640x477)Here’s what the privet looks like when it’s just coming out in spring. Though it is evergreen, it sheds leaves in the spring and here it is with all kinds of new leaf growth. It’s yellow and green when the sun isn’t making it look like pure gold.

Okay, I’m off to work on The Viking’s Highland Lass, though I’ll be taking off for the holidays. 🙂 <3 And this year, when I usually get my edits over the Thanksgiving holiday, I got them done before hand. Woohoo!

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