Fog and Rain and One Shrub for All Seasons



We’ve had some gloomy days where it looked like this all day, perfect for writing spooky stories, don’t you think?

Raindrops on Berries

Raindrops on Berries–Winter Color

And I had to run out and get some shots of raindrops dripping off berries.

Green Berries

Green Berries–Summer Color

These are on the Firestorm Pyracantha, and it’s fun to see the seasons change.

Orange Berries--fall

Orange Berries–Fall Color

In Bloom--Spring

In Bloom–Spring

Okay, so got my seasons out of order, but you get the idea! I couldn’t sleep, so got up to do my blog during the free Internet time. I’m always running out here.

Have a lovely Wednesday. Making a little progress on The Viking’s Highland Lass. It’s halfway done!

I’m writing about fog in the story.

Fog in Scotland, Morning Sunrise

Fog in Scotland, Morning Sunrise off the loch



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