Do You Use an Alarm Clock?

Do you?

Can’t stand them. If I have an appointment for something that I’m worried I won’t wake in time for (I’m an early riser anyway), I’ll set the alarm.

But have you set the alarm and it doesn’t go off?

Do you look at the clock all night anyway?

In one of the books I just finished a bit ago and turned in, I had that she worried she wouldn’t wake in time. The editor said she would just set an alarm clock.

I hate alarm clocks. They don’t help me to sleep any better. And sometimes? It doesn’t go off. Maybe I set it at pm instead of am. Maybe I had the sound so low, I didn’t hear it. Or maybe I thought I turned it on and I had just set the time and thought I had turned it on. Who knows? But it was the perfect excuse to join the hero that night so that at least one of them would wake on time.

Forget alarm clocks.

Renn Faire 015 (268x640)

Get a rooster or find a hot jaguar shifter. 🙂


Maybe he or she won’t help wake you either and you may not sleep all that much, but it would sure be a lot more fun!

Have a super day!


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5 thoughts on “Do You Use an Alarm Clock?

  1. When I was high school age I had to put the alarm clock far away from me so I had to get up to stop it. If not I just turn it off and snore away. Then at some point I got used to getting up early and did not need help awakening I was a morning person and still am, but am becoming cozy with the bed again in my old age. LOL LOL

  2. I am almost deaf and can not use alarm clocks. I write hubby a note and stuck it on coffee pot and ask him to wake me before he leaves for work

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  3. Good evening Terry Funny I have just turned of the 5:30 A.M alarm for the next 5 days thanks God for vacations Is my mobile with some very nice music. Hmm, I think you had a lot of FUN writing Allan’s & Debbie’s story. Do you have any book marks for the Seal wolf’s? Could I have a few?? If so, I will need your new address to send you a stamped envelope. Good night . 😊

    • Hey, Lola, I don’t, not yet. I need to tell them to make some for me since I’ll be going to conference and need them for it too. 🙂 Yeah, I had lots of fun! LOL Have fun with all your lovely vacation days!

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