Do You Have Your Book Yet?

SEAL Wolf in Too Deep, of course. 🙂

If you have it, hope you’re loving it and you can’t put it down to eat, or sleep, or anything. 🙂 That’s always my goal. What if you started to read it, set it down to fix dinner for your family, horrors,  and never picked it up again? That would be horrible!

So I had a “new” bird at the feeder. The tufted titmouse. Isn’t it cute?

On the feeder

On the feeder

on the fence

on the fence

Hey, look who's coming to dinner!

Hey, look who’s coming to dinner!

Can’t you just see their expressions? The titmouse is watching from the other feeder. The sparrow has turned his head to look. The other sparrow has his landing gear down.

Joining me?

Joining me?

The gold finch is leaning down to talk to the one joining him, and the titmouse is watching the whole affair.

Is that feeder better?

Is that feeder better?

Since none of the birds are coming to his feeder, the titmouse decides to check out the other. He has made kind of a jumping leap.

Yep you can just see the story unfolding. Speaking of which, I’m over halfway done on Loving the Silver Wolf. 37,000 words to go, but that’s progress!

Okay, off to edits. Have a super great day!


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3 thoughts on “Do You Have Your Book Yet?

  1. Terry you LIVE in PARADISE ! you are giving then the right kind of food , and they are sharing the good news.
    can you see the feeders from the big window I know you will have choose that room to write…

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