The Viking’s Highland Lass

160f3-theviking27shighlandlass28533x80029Book 7 in the series!

Gunnolf was left for dead when he was young as he went on one of his kin’s raids, but finds his way to the Highlands and a home with the MacNeill Clan. The clan’s seer warns him he must rescue a woman in need, only he rescues the wrong woman. Yet, Brina is in need. Her father, wounded in battle by Gunnolf’s own kind, must oust the tyrant who has taken his place if he is to rule. Yet he needs Gunnolf’s help, but Gunnolf learns Brina’s father had killed Gunnolf’s brother.

Brina is torn between hating the Viking who has rescued her, and knowing that his kin had killed her grandfather in an age old tale of fighting between their people, and loving the man who took her under his protection, and the wolf cub she insisted on rescuing.

Now, Gunnolf must make a choice: wed the lass as her father has insisted and restore her father’s position as chief of his clan when he’s not sure her father is trustworthy, hoping he can obtain a peace between his people and hers, or leave well enough alone and stay with the MacNeill Clan, his family for the past ten years. The problem is one sweet Highland lass that makes him want a woman—this woman—to warm his bed and have his bairns and to protect and cherish, when having a wife was the furthest notion from his mind…until one prediction changed his whole life.


I promised this book a while back, fully intended to have it done by December, but hadn’t planned to buy a house and put a house up for sale, which meant all kinds of work and turmoil and work, and then I had contracted three new books, and the one was due March 1st, and that HAD to be written.

Soooo, my priority was to finish writing The Viking’s Highland Lass, which was already over halfway written as soon as Loving the Silver Wolf was finished. Next is The Golden Fae, also promised. 🙂

And then, I think I have to get back to writing another wolf book after that.

So for now, preorders are up at:



I will have it at the other sites as soon as I can. And it will also be in print.

Back to the book because I love Gunnolf and hope that my readers will love him just as much in a tale of his own!

Have a great day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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