Before the Weather Turns Bad…

We’re headed for storms, some severe, so I took the opportunity to walk the puppies to the dog park.

20160307_145459 (360x640)We saw an egret at one of the ponds. Couldn’t get any closer because of the puppies or I would have scared it off. We did scare off the brown ducks and the white ducks ignored us.

20160307_151147 (360x640)Tanner was running to greet me here. Max did too, but I missed getting a picture of him.

20160307_151021 (360x640)Here, Tanner is checking to make sure I’m still there. 🙂

Max did a few times too, but he was busier with exploring. The funny thing is at home, he’s the opposite. If I go inside, he comes inside. He watches me constantly.

20160307_151350 (360x640)I filled up the doggy water fountain for them, so they could drink from it. They finally realized that really was for them. 🙂

We had fun. Now, it’s time to wait out the storm. Got the groceries, the mail, gas, the car washed. Yeah, I know, you’re supposed to wait until after the storm, right? But I wasn’t the only one waiting in line for the car wash.

And, I have started on Golden Fae! And she is in trouble already. The Viking’s Highland Lass is being critiqued now.

Art project: beautiful woman with golden make-up. Jewelry, make-up. Fashion. Over black background.

Have a super day! The winds are high and the rains are coming.


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