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I always do research for my stories and when I introduced dragon shifter fae in Dragon Fae, Hawk Fae, Phantom Fae, and now the latest I’m working on in Golden Fae, I wanted to learn the meaning of the color of their scales. This helped me to add personality to fit their character pertaining to the symbolism associated with their color.

Now, sure you’ve probably heard of red dragons, brown, green, just a variety of colors. Brown, for instance, may sound dull, but mine has shiny gold edging his scales and he is earth tones, which relate to fertility. Since it’s YA, I handled it this way:

Excerpt from Dragon Fae by Terry Spear

Then he saw a dragon flying overhead. Olaf, a brown dragon, his scales edged in gold making them shimmer in the moon or sun’s light, and though he was only brown, he had such a way with the women, it didn’t seem to matter much. Not that Alton and their friends still didn’t give him a hard time. His coloration signified the earth and fertility and he should have been earthbound. Seeing him here now really irritated him. What was he even doing here?

He landed on the cobblestone next to Alton and shifted. He was wearing more standard fae fare, a brown suede tunic, britches, and boots. Well, for him it was standard. Other fae wore different colors, but Olaf liked to be brown—as if when he wasn’t wearing his dragon scales, he was still wearing them—in the form of fae clothes.


Now in Golden Fae, I’m having some fun. Well, I’m always having fun.

One of the dragons is changing colors when he shouldn’t be. Just all of a sudden. So I wondered, could he turn into a violet-colored dragon? There is NO such thing in their world.

He has no control over the shifting of the color of his scales. And the dragon games are coming up. All dragons participate to best each other, to win a pile of gold, and to entertain the dragon fae who are not shifters. But no way does he want to show up in violet-colored scales. And he desperately wants his scales to settle to one color, no other. He looks like some kind of freak!

Art project: beautiful woman with golden make-up. Jewelry, make-up. Fashion. Over black background.

Could be up to a foot of rain this week, flooding, hail, severe thunderstorms, tornadoes so staying home. So far just on and off rains.

Finished sewing up the bunnies, now just need to embroider them all. My problem is the house is so dark, really high ceilings, and new fan lights restrict using anything more than 40 watt bulbs, ugh, so it’s really dark. I ordered a swing arm table lamp that takes a 150 watt bulb, so I hope that helps when it comes in. I was used to having lower ceilings and lots of lights at the other house.

Back to the story!

Have a super golden day!


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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  1. I love your excerpt. I can’t wait to read it. It’ll be like Rudolph 🙂
    Stay safe and dry during the storms.

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