Bluebirds and Bugs!

mockingbird and blue bird 009The male bluebird was actually hidden in the rain gutter forever. He was working on all the bugs up there. What a lovely little bird! And so I was standing there holding my camera up forever, trying to get a shot of him. And there he was! And this time he held still for me.

female bluebird (611x640)A little while later, a female arrived. She landed on the fence and wouldn’t turn enough for me to really show off her blue feathers. They’re not really bright like the male’s, but they are a light blue.

But she decided this was her good side and would only show it off to me. 🙂


a deep forest fairy with a lantern in her hand

I’ve been moving burford holly to the backyard. It was underneath the front windows and gets to 8 feet in height. I didn’t want to have to sheer them constantly to keep them lower. I’m all for the low maintenance garden. The one where the plants are where they should be, with room to grow and not have to be cut back because they are too big for the spot they’re sitting in. The hollies have red berries the birds love to eat and they’re great protection for birds that want some cover.

moved burford holly 002 (640x427)

I also have a couple of skyrocket holly that will get to 10 feet, but only spread a foot wide. 🙂 Anyway, now the backyard will begin to look like a garden and not just like a backyard. 🙂 I bought some lavender also, just need to figure out where to plant it. Oh, and yes, the puppies are trying to eat the birdseed.

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