Fog, but more Storms Coming

fog 002 (427x640)dogs and bears 036 (640x278)Water droplets on chives.

dogs and bears 046 (427x640)Worked on bears while the electricity was on for a short while.

dogs and bears 039 (640x427)Dogs all crashed.

chives water droplets (408x640)

water droplets on chives…butterfly iris(640x427)butterfly iris unfurled in rain…

metal dragonfly with water droplets(640x427)metal butterfly with water droplets…

Dove's feathers ruffled in high winds (640x427)dove’s feathers ruffled in high winds…

dove getting out of the rain (640x427)dove getting out of rain on back patio…you can see the raindrops falling behind him.

🙂 <3

Storms coming around noon, so off to get some stuff done in case we lose electricity again. It’s supposed to keep on through Thursday.


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