Birds of a Feather–Nope…

red-bellied woodpecker and blue jayIt was really shaded out when the red-bellied woodpecker and blue jay came to roost on the two feeders. It’s the only time I’ve seen them eat at the same time without scaring the other off, so though it’s not the best shot in the world, the fact they were eating together was pretty neat.

blue jay flying off and red bellied woodpecker on feedersI tried to download my files from Carbonite. Only through story B downloaded. ugh. So I’ve got to find out what its problem is. But when I went to disable Win updates while the files were downloading, I realized the the new hard drive had automatic updates, which is probably why Win 10 downloaded. So I’ve changed it to ASK me first, and I will decide.

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2 thoughts on “Birds of a Feather–Nope…

    • thanks!! 🙂 They love peanuts, but they’re eating berry suet, a mix of seeds that include sunflowers and other seeds. I get the wild bird mix. They’re eating off the other feeders too, which has the mix. Corn. I’ve seen them toss the seeds they don’t like to get to the ones they do like. The other birds, cardinals, doves, sparrows, will feed off the ground to get those too. They really love that suet. I get the high energy one also. But I also had a “bell” that had peanuts and all kinds of seeds. Everyone loved it. I think this one might be a juvenile. I need to find earlier pictures because I think the other was bigger. But I’m not positive. 🙂

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