The Mystery Flower Solved

double columbine (640x427) finalgoldfinch 077 (640x427)The top one is a double flowering couple of Columbine, and the second picture is a secret. I bought the 3 in a package of mixed Columbine, so have no idea what it will turn out like, but it has two flowers getting ready to bloom. It’s like Christmas, don’t you think?

Notice the lightness and the darkness in the first photo? The new flower is emerging from the darkness, and the other is blooming to its fullest extent in the light.

Okay, so I’m back to work. I added some cool scenes to SEAL, and realized things haven’t happened yet that need to happen for these scenes to exist. ugh.

So, I’m having to move them around, and that makes a mess of things.  What I do is cut them and paste them onto another word document and when I find where they can now happen, I add them back. Simple right? Nope. Change one thing and it changes tons of other stuff. That’s why I decided putting off time travel for a little while longer. I can see just what a mess I’d make of things.

Have a great and wonderful day! 🙂


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