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Yes, We Have Fall Colors!

On the walk with baby.

It’s harder to capture the autumn colors here, unlike our fellow friends in the more colorful regions of the world where fall explodes with vibrancy. So for us, capturing some of the colors here is much harder. And of course, I only brought my 50mm with me instead of the one I use to shoot for scenery because I thought I was only going to take pictures of baby. But the fall colors caught my eye too. Next time….

One year, the pear trees were wild with color. I’d never noticed it before, but I think we had just enough rainfall and cold weather to make it happen that year.

I’m back to edits on My Highlander. When baby went home last night, I was working on them, making all the changes that needed to be made as my story idea changes with the progress of the novel. It also helps me to see what I need to add to make the scenes more vivid, colorful, just like a fall scene–not flat, but memorable.

Whether you have fall or not, embrace the beauty of your world.

Somewhere, I have a picture of a rusting child’s antique car–used as a garden ornament, but unseen by most in Old Town Spring. It captured my eye as my family continued walking and I paused to take a picture. I hope it turned out and I want to share it, once I find it! Even a rusted out old toy car can be beautiful–full of stories.

Have a memorably fun day!


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The Mystery Flower Solved

double columbine (640x427) finalgoldfinch 077 (640x427)The top one is a double flowering couple of Columbine, and the second picture is a secret. I bought the 3 in a package of mixed Columbine, so have no idea what it will turn out like, but it has two flowers getting ready to bloom. It’s like Christmas, don’t you think?

Notice the lightness and the darkness in the first photo? The new flower is emerging from the darkness, and the other is blooming to its fullest extent in the light.

Okay, so I’m back to work. I added some cool scenes to SEAL, and realized things haven’t happened yet that need to happen for these scenes to exist. ugh.

So, I’m having to move them around, and that makes a mess of things.  What I do is cut them and paste them onto another word document and when I find where they can now happen, I add them back. Simple right? Nope. Change one thing and it changes tons of other stuff. That’s why I decided putting off time travel for a little while longer. I can see just what a mess I’d make of things.

Have a great and wonderful day! 🙂


“Giving new meaning to the term alpha male where fantasy is reality.”

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