I Love it When…

My mind keeps working when I’m trying to sleep. Yes. Really.

I need more clues in the book. What have I missed? What can I add? I have some more ideas, but then I’m thinking, yeah, but, if I do  this, why was it important? How come the hero or heroine would even be clued in that this might be a clue?

I was a huge mystery reader, still love mystery and thrillers to watch, and I know it’s not fair when the author doesn’t give clues and just springs something on the reader at the end. Author prerogative. Nope. The whole point is to leave bread crumbs, but enough twists and turns that the reader has fun on the journey. When I am trying to guess whodunit and why…and I think I know who did, and I get to the end of the story, and I’m like, yes!…or, awwww, I thought it might be him, but I guessed wrong…I’m happy. I want my readers to be satisfied too.

I have so many deadlines, that yesterday I forgot to blog! Yep! Unfortunately, my mind has limited memory.

In truth, I have been trying to run errands really early every morning as we’re having a heat index of 105 degrees each day and it’s just too hot to get out and drive. Soooo, yesterday I HAD to get groceries.

I had these great coupons, for one. Oh, no, this one expired, that one expired, so did this one. I ended up with free orange juice and dog beggin strips. Yes! And groceries that I had to have. And forgot others that were not on the list. There goes that memory again. But this morning, I had other errands I fully intended running, but then…

My daughter had to take my car today, so I was glad I hadn’t put grocery shopping off. She’s fine, her car isn’t. She was in a 4-car pileup, and she has a super little car. Great for gas efficiency, but not great for accidents. She stopped because the guy in front of her stopped. The guy behind her didn’t. He ran into her, shoved her into the Suburban in front of her, that didn’t get a scratch, and the guy behind the one that hit her plowed into him. Four car pileup. Fast. Easy.

To the two people who caused the accident: Pay attention and quit riding people’s bumpers! Didn’t you learn that you need so many feet between cars for certain speeds so that if someone suddenly stops in front of you, you can stop? Stay off other people’s bumpers.

jenn's car (640x360)This is the first car she’s bought, and she was still paying on it. 🙁  This was when she first bought it, before crash.

Luckily everyone was really nice, and that helps. With as hot as it is, tempers can really flare. Her trunk was badly damaged, and her front had damage too. So while she’s still waiting for an insurance investigator to bother checking out her case, she’s borrowing my car.

But we had a nice visit last night, I took some pictures of her plants to share them on Facebook so that maybe someone can identify what she’s growing, because she doesn’t know–see, not only do I have memory issues–and I showed her where I’m at with my landscaping. She loves my gardens. It’s whimsical and fun.

The fairies visited yesterday too.

medieval door 001 (640x406)medieval door 002 (640x502)A little whimsy can make the fantasy real.

Okay, since I have sooooo many deadlines, I’m off to begin to add clues to the book, wait, got to get the garbage out, take the puppies out, get another cup of tea, and then nose to the grindstone.

Have a super wonderful day! I’m determined to get SOMETHING completed today!


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