Bluebird and House Finches, Zombies and More…

house finiches and the fountain 057 (640x362)They found the fountain!

house finiches and the fountain 070 (640x326)When the bolder male flew up to the wrought iron, I didn’t realize his male and female friends were already perched up there.

house finiches and the fountain 071 (640x352)bluebird (640x427)And a beautiful male bluebird perched on the fence for pictures. Now, I saw him feeding the female on the fence yesterday, but they wouldn’t sit still long enough for me to capture them.

I finally found a couple of chairs I wanted. They rock and are super comfortable. But now I need cool weather to enjoy them. I actually wrote a couple of pages by hand earlier yesterday when we had a breeze and it was really nice. I tried in the early evening, mosquito landed on me, despite the breeze, and called it a night. We’ve had 5 case of West Nile Virus in this area, so don’t want to risk it.

Max kept wanting on my lap. More comfortable than the cement patio. But much hotter for the both of us.

The chairs aren’t as cute as the rattan that seems to be all the rage, but for durability, comfort, and easier cleaner, these will be better. I’m much more into comfort and ease of maintenance, not cute anyway.  But now I need to get more of something to match, or I can only have one guest at a time. 🙂

new chairs table outdoor 001 (640x427)

I’m fast and furiously, well, when I quit writing this blog, writing the end of SEAL Wolf Undercover. I have 4,000 words to go, wrote some of it last night by hand and am typing it up now, and then got to thinking about all the holes in my story while I was waking up. First, I’m having a nightmare about getting past zombies and not having my ticket properly punched to get on the bus and out of there. Then, I am running around trying to get it properly punched, and return with my friend to find the buses are all gone. Have you ever had days like that?

Then I wake up enough to realize I’m having a nightmare and start thinking about the problems with some of my plot ideas and now must go in and fix all the minor discrepancies while writing the rest of the book. It’s great. Really. When I get to this point, I’m in seventh heaven. Writing the end, means I get to start really editing, and make a fun story.

Then I got another promo blog to do, yikes, hold on, I’m sinking. And then two more this morning for a conference I’m going to next year. Ack.

Okay, okay, it will ALL get done. Eventually. Maybe that’s why I am feeling like the zombies are out to get me and I missed the bus.

Have a super great day.



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